Apr 042012

Another great band for the Cherry City Music Festival! Red Hook Gypsy straight out of Salem Oregon is gonna rock The Triangle with their rock/blues hits. Jake and Mike began playing music together in high school, and little did they know that years later they would be a well known local band with quite a fan base. In 2011 the bands drummer stepped out for personal reasons, and that left the remaining three members writing music and keeping an open ear for a new drummer. When their current drummer Ian auditioned, he was a perfect match for the guys, and the band was back up on their feet and more than ever ready to rock. Be sure to join us and Red Hook Gypsy this Saturday, April 7th, 10:00pm at the Triangle. See you there!

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Mar 062012

The Student Loan is an upbeat bluegrass band that has toured nationally, a total of six different countries. This year they’re here for the Cherry City Music Festival to put on a great show for us with their amazing variety. From their bluegrass to classical beats, they’re definitely a band that brings joy to audiences of all types. Join us at Boon’s Treasury Saturday, April 7th, with The Student Loan for a great show and a great night.

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