English Literature

English Literature has always been a fiercely competitive subject; the highest levels of success are normally reserved only for the very best students. Graduates have a wide range of career paths available and regularly find prominent positions in teaching, public relations, politics, fund raising, advertising and the arts. All professions where interpersonal skills, critical thinking and broad knowledge are highly valued will be keen to employ English Literature graduates.

Students study a wide range of literature in addition to theoretical modules. You may be struggling to interpret a primary text or having trouble making progress in one of the following areas:

  • Creative Writing
  • History of Language
  • Semantics or Pragmatics
  • Syntax
  • Syntactic Theory
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Managing Customer Value
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Innovation Management

Alternatively you may be having problems with a specific genre, historical period or style of writing:

  • Shakespearian literature
  • Romantic Poetry
  • Gothic Novels
  • Postwar British Fiction
  • Victorian literature

WritePass is an experienced company made up of academic experts from various disciplines: including English Literature. If you are struggling to succeed let us help you out with services available in the following areas:

  • Primary text interpretation
  • Preparing of essay sources
  • Essay assistance
  • Dissertation planning, editing and writing
  • Proofreading and editing services
  • Bibliography creation

WritePass guarantees that all pieces of work created on behalf of English Literature students will be of at least 2.1 standard.

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