Apr 022014

Cherry City Music Festival starts tomorrow. Almost all performances free and 21+. Minors encouraged to visit the live broadcast at Capital City TV and be part of the studio audience. Thanks to all the volunteer musicians, crew and venue owners. Enjoy your friends and neighbors making music!

Here’s the latest schedule.
April 3
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Skip vonKuske’s Cellotronik
Capital City TV
6:00 Jocelyn Paige
7:00 Stillwater Vibes
8:00 Daniel Franklin
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Dupree Diamond Dudes
The Triangle
8:00 Open Jam with Joe Kyle
Vagabond Brewing
8:00 Michael Hamlin Taylor
9:00 Brothers Bror
10:00 Walking Eagles

April 4
The Half Penny
9:00 Sacred Road
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Oh My Mys
Brown’s Towne Lounge
9:00 Corey Knowland
Capital City TV
6:00 Elvicious Cash
7:00 Sour Alley
8:00 Thunder Road
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Wax Trap
The Triangle ($5)
9:00 Skrilla, King Rawllie, lucky b., International Famous Uneekint, Shameless
Vagabond Brewing
9:00 The Folly
10:00 3 Bit Bourbon

April 5
The Half Penny
9:00 The Koz
Brown’s Towne Lounge
9:00 The Pumps, The Hundred Dollar Jayhawks
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Strangled Darlings
Capital City TV
12:00 Psychic Echo
2:00 Poison Love
3:00 Walking Eagles
4:00 Anchor Chain
5:00 Transendia
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Gabe Cox CD release party with PB&J and Wil Kinky
Gilgamesh Brewing
9:00 Sam Cooper Band
The Triangle ($5)
9:00 Sunspot Jonz, Kelu, Sea One, Cannabidoids
Vagabond Brewing
9:00 I am a Zombie, Sour Alley

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Mar 062014

A few years back we led into the music festival with a television series, Doug’s World and Elizabeth’s Too. It 26 episode program featured local live music, interviews and other stuff. This year, we’re rebroadcasting two shows a day on CCTV and a few more online, like this of the Dandy Warhols playing at The Great Idea at Enchanted Forest. See it on cable channel 23 at 10:30 tonight.
Still time to sign up for a studio shoot or stage at the 8th Cherry City Music Festival.

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Apr 042012

From Portland Oregon to touring the West Coast, Symmetry/Symmetry is here in Salem to rock the stage with their experimental/rock sound. In 2006, Symmetry/Symmetry started as visions from Daniel Jones and Joel Uram, and here 6 years later after have being joined by Andrew Quackenbush and Mark Cleaver, they’re about to rock The Gilgamesh Lounge, Friday April 6th. It’s $5 for the show, and it’s most definitely a part of the Cherry City Music Festival that you don’t want to miss! Join us at 9:00 and jam out to Symmetry/Symmetry.

Apr 042012

With an electric mix of Western and Texas swing, The Oregon Valley Boysput on a fun show enjoyable for everyone! From here in the Pacific Northwest in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, The Oregon Valley Boys bring a taste of home to Magoo’s this Saturday at 8:00pm. Be prepared for a fun filled night that you won’t forget!

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Apr 042012

Another great band for the Cherry City Music Festival! Red Hook Gypsy straight out of Salem Oregon is gonna rock The Triangle with their rock/blues hits. Jake and Mike began playing music together in high school, and little did they know that years later they would be a well known local band with quite a fan base. In 2011 the bands drummer stepped out for personal reasons, and that left the remaining three members writing music and keeping an open ear for a new drummer. When their current drummer Ian auditioned, he was a perfect match for the guys, and the band was back up on their feet and more than ever ready to rock. Be sure to join us and Red Hook Gypsy this Saturday, April 7th, 10:00pm at the Triangle. See you there!

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Apr 042012

Let us help you relive these Wasteland nights from previous festivals featuring Monster Addict’s performance shown here. Coming from different local bands such as Neversleep and Monster Addict, 9th Step is a Salem Oregon punk/hardcore band opening the punk show at Papa G’s Thursday night at 7pm, followed by Jesse Tumolo taking the stage at 8pm. It’s a night you don’t want to miss, so be there and let’s bring back some Wasteland memories!

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Apr 052011

YouTube Preview Image
More than 100 bands want to meet you! They need your help setting up, getting acquainted and asking listeners for support. It’s just that easy to volunteer for band hospitality. Just fill out the form and we’ll get you going.

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Mar 312011

Like a breath of warm spring air, the 2011 Cherry City Music Festival promises delicate beauty and better things to come. The blossoms are out and it’s a perfect time to check out more than 100 bands in 13 venues downtown. This year, we’ll broadcast live from CCTV and participating venues. Most of the music is free, so bring support for merchandise and tips. More details soon.

Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Michael Dean Damron
9:00 Josh Cole Band
9:00 Strangled Darlings

Brown’s Towne Lounge
7:00 Seahorse
8:00 The Smiles
9:00 Whiskey Priest
10:00 Norman
11:00 Easterly
9:30 JAMalia
8:00 Matthew Price Band

Cafe Noir
7:00 Jason Cramer hosts Live Comedy
Whitney Streed
Belinda Carroll
Shawn Gray-Fleek
Joseph Ledington
Jon Washington
Whitney Streed
Caremn Trineece
7:00 Fixed and Dilated hosts CCMF Open Mic
Potatoe Famine
The Cherry City Deadbeats
The Viggs

Capitol Steps
2:00 Matty

6:00 Captain HeyHey
7:00 Devil’s Punchbowl
8:00 Kopath Bear
8:30 Strange and Unusual4/9/2011 1:00 Ride Operator
3:00 Kvlt 45
4:00 THOG
12:00 Einstein

Cherry City Cafe
8:00 John Fro
9:00 Jettison Bend
10:00 Youth
11:00 Office Diving
8:00 For Charles
C9:00 Christopher McFetridge
10:00 Siren and the Sea
11:00 Julian Snow
8:00 Rich McCloud
9:00 Michael Hamlin Taylor
11:00 Faera Bella

9:00 Mr. Yuck
10:00 Kvlt 45
11:00 THOG
11:59 dj Gitdown
9:30 c.a.b.
10:00 mo g
10:30 poverty
11:00 Mr. Yuck
11:30 Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger
11:59 Mr. Yuck
11:59 dj Gitdown
9:00 dj George
11:59 dj Gitdown

ƒ/stop Fitzgerald’s
11:59 salemfm.com
11:59 salemfm.com
11:59 salemfm.com

Governor’s Cup
8:00 Delicious Deciduous
9:00 Yellow Lights
10:00 Redhook Gypsies
7:00 Mooney Monrow
8:00 Short and Sweet
9:00 Boomstick
10:00 Otis Heat
8:00 Chris Lute
9:00 Right on John
10:00 No Moral Chords

Ike Box
4/7 $5
Tent City
The Woods
4/8 $5
Kevin Rafn
Paint and Copter
Miss Massive Snowflake
4/9 $10
Solar Powered
Y La Bamba
Loch Lomond
Jared Mees + The Grown Children

9:00 Gusto Brothers
10:00 Groove Thief
11:00 The Ted Vaughn Blues Band
9:00 Flextones
10:30 Lexxi Vexx

Venti’s Cafe and Basement Bar
10:00 Mitchell Myers
11:00 Sam McBand
9:00 Thomas Kramer
10:00 Sean O’Neill
11:00 Tonya Gilmore
9:00 Bear and Arctics
10:00 Breathe Kid Breathe
11:00 Lucky Beltran

9:00 Enemy Combatant
10:00 The Atom Age
11:00 Wet Nightmare
9:00 Matty
10:00 Keak Da Sneak

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