Blasé hijacks broadcast, threatens downtown nightlife


We were stunned last night at the close of the live broadcast when a mysterious character named Blasé hijacked the show and revealed his plan to destroy all remaining creativity in Salem and the world by midnight Saturday, April 6.

At 8:36 pm, as the Rain People were sharing about their missing bass player being grounded, the broadcast was overtaken on CCTV 22 for approximately 90 seconds by a man calling himself Blasé. A video file of the transmission can be seen here.

Details are unknown at this time about the existence of Blasédio waves or the claims of his success in destroying creativity over the past 30 years. The public is advised, however, to stay at home, watch television and surf the internets. We will update you on any status of Blasé and band changes during tonight’s broadcast starting at 6:00 pm on CCTV 22.