Volunteer meeting Leap Day at Pop Up

Remember the packed house at Ike Box during last year’s fest? This year will be even better. The band count is 42, venue count is 14 and both are still growing. Nine hours of live broadcast at CCTV is already booked up. Want to volunteer? Sign up here or attend our next meeting 6pm Wednesday February 29 at Pop Up art gallery in the Salem Center mall. See you there!

6th Cherry City Music Festival April 5, 6, and 7

Massive Moth

Will 2012 be the break-out year for Salem musicians? Recent tours of Salem bands around the NW point to increased visibility for the Cherry City and this year’s festival aspires to build on the hard work of everyone in the industry by showcasing the diversity of mid-valley musicians. Once again, we’re partnering with CCTV to offer studio time for bands in addition to performance venues throughout downtown. Looking forward to another great event!

Want to perform? Sign up here

Want to volunteer? Sign up here