The Sexbots perform space age desires at Kraftworks Taphouse, Saturday, April 4, 2015


Portland-based artist Ilima Considine stirs up erotic obsession with her experimental electronica project, The Sexbots,  at Kraftworks Taphouse. Be prepared to cross some boundaries and experience new territory as Ilima guides you through surreal alien landscapes with her high voice and unique delivery.  Art pop fans will be enthralled. Lift-off for the free, 21+ performance is 11:00 p.m., Saturday, April 4, 2015.

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Still Water Vibes grooves Brown’s Towne Lounge April 4, 2015



2014 Muddy Award Nominee and Journey to Memphis finalists Still Water Vibes bring their tight blues to Brown’s Towne Lounge on Saturday, April 4, 2015 during the closing night of the 9th Cherry City Music Festival.

Their studio performance at Capital Community Television at last year’s Festival was phenomenal and they received well-deserved praise from the Cascade Blues Association last summer. We’re just glad when they can play in town. The fre 21+ performance starts at 10 pm.

Live music at Holiday Cheer Pop Up in Salem Center December 10-14

Rich McCloud, Slow Looks and Attitude Adjustment Bureau jam inside the mall during Holiday Cheer Pop Up in Salem Center, a five-day celebration of locally-made art, music, food and drink. Other activities include Winter Cheer Pub Crawl and Festivus. More information at

Wednesday, December 10 7:00 p.m. Rich McCloud
Thursday, December 11 5:00 p.m. Slow Looks
Friday, December 12 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Winter Cheer Pub Crawl
Saturday, December 13 3:00 – 9:00 p.m. Festivus
Sunday, December 14 2:00 p.m. Attitude Adjustment Bureau

41 bands in 9 venues during 8th Cherry City Music Fest

Cherry City Music Festival starts tomorrow. Almost all performances free and 21+. Minors encouraged to visit the live broadcast at Capital City TV and be part of the studio audience. Thanks to all the volunteer musicians, crew and venue owners. Enjoy your friends and neighbors making music!

Here’s the latest schedule.
April 3
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Skip vonKuske’s Cellotronik
Capital City TV
6:00 Jocelyn Paige
7:00 Stillwater Vibes
8:00 Daniel Franklin
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Dupree Diamond Dudes
The Triangle
8:00 Open Jam with Joe Kyle
Vagabond Brewing
8:00 Michael Hamlin Taylor
9:00 Brothers Bror
10:00 Walking Eagles

April 4
The Half Penny
9:00 Sacred Road
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Oh My Mys
Brown’s Towne Lounge
9:00 Corey Knowland
Capital City TV
6:00 Elvicious Cash
7:00 Sour Alley
8:00 Thunder Road
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Wax Trap
The Triangle ($5)
9:00 Skrilla, King Rawllie, lucky b., International Famous Uneekint, Shameless
Vagabond Brewing
9:00 The Folly
10:00 3 Bit Bourbon

April 5
The Half Penny
9:00 The Koz
Brown’s Towne Lounge
9:00 The Pumps, The Hundred Dollar Jayhawks
Boon’s Treasury
9:00 Strangled Darlings
Capital City TV
12:00 Psychic Echo
2:00 Poison Love
3:00 Walking Eagles
4:00 Anchor Chain
5:00 Transendia
Duffy’s Hangar
8:00 Gabe Cox CD release party with PB&J and Wil Kinky
Gilgamesh Brewing
9:00 Sam Cooper Band
The Triangle ($5)
9:00 Sunspot Jonz, Kelu, Sea One, Cannabidoids
Vagabond Brewing
9:00 I am a Zombie, Sour Alley

Two Doug’s Worlds a day until the festival April 3, 4, 5

A few years back we led into the music festival with a television series, Doug’s World and Elizabeth’s Too. It 26 episode program featured local live music, interviews and other stuff. This year, we’re rebroadcasting two shows a day on CCTV and a few more online, like this of the Dandy Warhols playing at The Great Idea at Enchanted Forest. See it on cable channel 23 at 10:30 tonight.
Still time to sign up for a studio shoot or stage at the 8th Cherry City Music Festival.

Final night schedule

IMG_7018The streets were hopping downtown last night and music filled the air. Blasé was defeated just in time for the final night of the festival.

9 bands perform in 5 venues around Salem tonight so there’s still a chance to catch some music. Here’s the rundown:
Jam, rock at Franklin’s, prog, rock at Blacklite, chance, noise at ƒ/stop, 70’s rock at Boon’s and soul and The Tri.

All events are free. Go grab some.

Franklin’s Bottle Shop
9p-Rich McCloud Band
11p-The Folly

Blacklight Bar
7p-Fox Populi
8p-Feel Connected
9p-Tentacle Burn
10p-Slight of Hand

10p-Herd William

Boon’s Treasury
9p-Bradley Wik & the Charlatans

The Triangle
9p-Jon Fro and the Soul

Blasé hijacks broadcast, threatens downtown nightlife

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We were stunned last night at the close of the live broadcast when a mysterious character named Blasé hijacked the show and revealed his plan to destroy all remaining creativity in Salem and the world by midnight Saturday, April 6.

At 8:36 pm, as the Rain People were sharing about their missing bass player being grounded, the broadcast was overtaken on CCTV 22 for approximately 90 seconds by a man calling himself Blasé. A video file of the transmission can be seen here.

Details are unknown at this time about the existence of Blasédio waves or the claims of his success in destroying creativity over the past 30 years. The public is advised, however, to stay at home, watch television and surf the internets. We will update you on any status of Blasé and band changes during tonight’s broadcast starting at 6:00 pm on CCTV 22.

Quickie plays 44 shows in a day!

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Seattle pop-punk Quickie blows through Franklin’s Bottle Shop Saturday night for a free high energy performance including their hits “Bikini Barista” and “Phoenix Jones Theme Song”.
They just received word from RecordSetter that Quickie now holds the world record for the most shows performed by a band in a single day: 44! Luckily, There are only 10 venues at this weekend’s festival. They’ll be hanging out at the broadcast studio Saturday trying to stay out of trouble and rest up for the show at 11p. We’ll see how that works.

Quickie’s songs have been featured in the shows “Parenthood” NBC, “Vampire Diaries” CW and in the movies “Our Lips are Sealed” featuring the Olsen Twins , Shafted, and Repli-Kate starring Alli Landry and Eugene Levy. Wayne Kramer’s Beyond Cyberpunk compilation with Dee Dee Ramone,Mudhoney,Richard Hell to name a few and Footlockers Audiomotion compilation (25,000units sold) as the only unsigned band. Our regional hit single and video “Bikini Barista” has 150,000+ views.

Tonic for donothingitis – adieu caribou at Pop Up Sat 7p


Stuck in front of a screen this weekend? Tear yourself free this and have a listen to Andy, Chris, Sam, Tony, Matthew, Cara, Trevor, Ella, Paul and Ally play some folk at Pop Up art gallery 7p Saturday, April 6.
Of course there are dozens of more bands this weekend but this group is full of fresh, local faces and fun lyrics and they’re sure to fill the stage with levity. The event is free and takes place in the gallery next to Made in Oregon in the Salem Center Mall.

Music in Salem, Oregon